The Bustle of Construction Activity

As you explore the vineyards surrounding our estate, it’s impossible not to notice the hustle and bustle of construction activity. An incessant waltz of workers and winemakers has enlivened our days in recent weeks. While the grapes were being carefully harvested, a new tower rose, proud and majestic, now at the center of our estate.

Offering breathtaking panoramic views, this tower will soon house a professional tasting room on its 1st and top floor. We will have the pleasure of welcoming our customers to conditions worthy of the quality of our wines, a symbol of our commitment to winemaking excellence.


In a harmonious ballet, the press has already found its place in its dedicated enclosure. Over the coming months, a team will be busy putting the final touches. Once the harvest is over, the work will resume, preserving the quality of our harvests.

We recently installed new, state-of-the-art stainless-steel tanks, which are already housing the 2023 vintage, promising rich aromas, and complex flavours. Soon, other vats will be received, increasing our production capacity. Today, the old barrel cellar mingles with the new one, a balanced cohabitation where the maturing of the next vintage will take place.

The workers’ performance

We can only salute the performance of all these men and women who work side by side, so our Crès Ricards vineyard can finally adorn itself with the structure it deserves. Their dedication never fades, even when they’re immersed in the most demanding tasks. We witness their daily passion, their commitment to this project, our land, our vineyards, and our wines.

Impatience is growing, looking forward to welcoming you soon.


Every day, we get a little closer to this dream that is taking place one brick at a time, one vat at a time. We look forward to welcoming you to our new tasting room, where you can discover our exceptional wines.

We hope to see you soon, at the heart of Château des Crès Ricards.